Uncle Les Self Storage was a network of self-storages before the events of State Of Decay. There are two Uncle Les Self Storages in Trumbull Valley, one in Spencer's Mill, and another one in Marshall. In addition, there is one Uncle Les Self Storage in Danforth that can be found in the Lifeline DLC, and it is located in Wilward Avenue.

Oppoturinities and RisksEdit

Every Uncle Les Self Storages that are encountered are inaccessible, and no loot can be found inside nor outside the storages, therefore they are considered to be nothing but minor points of interest by many Survivors


  • The company's motto is "Store More, Spend Les" features a wordplay with the name of the company.
  • The company's name is a reference to Uncle Les, a character that appears in the 1992's movie Dead Alive.
  • There are billboards which advertise the self storages.


  • The advertisement seen on billboards.

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