Welcome to the official launch day... or as you Early Access guys would call it, just another patch day :)

Remember, this will not be the last patch ever, just because we're calling this a launch. The next patch in a few weeks will feature mouse accel changes, key remapping, and more. But this patch is no small potatoes! Eat up


-Siren key added (LCTRL)
-Execute key added (Z)
-Roll key added (C)
-Emote keys added (1, 2, 3, 4)
-Social key added (CAPS)
-Radio works in cars (LALT)
-Drop rucksack button added (X)
-Firemode key added (space)


-Full keyboard/mouse support on map
-Keyboard/mouse controls screen
-Updated buttons on leaderboard
-Proper control icon in journal
-Proper autosave warning
-Intro movies now play if you have a dual monitor setup
-"Revert to defaults" now affects just the menu you reverted on
-The journal doesn't display when entering/exiting the steam overlay
-When the steam overlay is active, the game is now paused (YIPPEE)


-Window'd mode works better
-Rucksack now displays when it's dropped
-Removed halo around character in med and max spec
-Removed extra darkening in med and max spec
-Toned down the bloom
-Car headlight flares now only display in the direction towards the camera


-Fixed inadvertent controller deadzone application in mouse code
-Fixed selectable UI text
-Fixed specialization details info bug
-Move while aiming (when a controller is plugged in)
-Fix for controller prompt while surveying
-Fixed missing couch in the Wilkerson's farmhouse
-Fixed death flashing in Ultra spec


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