Zombie behaviorEdit

  • Fixed some of the most egregious cases of zombies going through doors. (They would often walk a step or two into the door before attacking it, which led them to turning around to attack it.)
  • Zombies now prefer taunters, blaze of glory'ers, and fireworks and more!
  • Zombies in the sights of a gun are forced to have collision and react appropriately when shot.

NPC behaviorEdit

  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could "Blaze of Glory" 100% of the time.

Progression issuesEdit

  • Progression blocker caused by dying during the rescue Jack mission with the grange has been fixed
  • Progression blocker caused by quitting immediately after a death in a mission that supports restarting has been fixed
  • Progression blocker caused by certain types of dying in Breakdown has been fixed.


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