New StuffEdit

  • Keybinding!
  • There is now a smoother frame rate, and reduced stalls when driving
  • Breakdown UI is hooked up
  • Added more inputs for keyboard and mouse to shake zombies off (used to be 'c' key, now it's 'c' or 'e' or 'left click' or 'space')
  • The resolution changes when you release (rather than when you drag) the sliders
  • The mouse moves the camera during cutscenes
  • We now block emotes/execute/roll/drop during cutscenes


  • Fix for crash when trying to complete certain missions
  • Fixed bug that caused unintentional overwriting of saves when you clicked Start New Game
  • Fix for cycling visible items when using the mousewheel
  • Fixed placeholder text on expertise screen
  • Fixed several strings in non-English languages


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