• Preparations to launch Lifeline on Friday, May 30
  • More robustness to exiting from vehicles, preventing player from being thrown out of the environment.
  • Select doors should now autoclose by default
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the main menu music not to play
  • Friction and automatic weapon spread tuning pass.
  • Localization bug fixes and updates.
  • We now notify the player when they have recovered from faint events or close calls.
  • Some xml fixes based on discoveries by the community.
  • Fixing audio on AK47 Custom
  • Fixed a bug where certain weapons were no longer triggering controller feedback.
  • Fix a case for zombies popping their heads up when you at shoot them.
  • Fix to help zombies not get stuck on fences
  • Reduced survival rate to more accurately simulate the apocalypse.
  • Fix to help zombies not switch between different states standing at doors.
  • Allies are no longer afraid to shoot at armored zeds
  • Edited chain link fence material
  • German opening quote fix
  • Fixed a case where the game would crash if a prop was not found
  • Fix for NPCs getting caught in a loop to climb when the player that they are following is in a vehicle near climb markup.
  • Fix for zombies disappearing while running around/running in place.
  • Reworked it so invisible zombie entity deaths stop them from being reused
  • Reduced distance of markup query for climbing NPCs, should help with pathing and situations where they have line of sight through chainlink fences.
  • Fix for NPCs getting up when they should be dead. In a zombie game it should be by design.
  • The game should no longer disable a door that is closing or opening, and now waits for those to finish. This should fix doors being in the wrong visual state.
  • Improvements to climbing
  • Double checking leap logic to prevent hover zombies
  • Increased the number of map pings so they match the audio from the doll.
  • Unlock heroes that require level 2 and above
  • Font clean up
  • Muzzle flash strobe reduction
  • Fix for feral kill sometimes succeeding in tear but missing the kill.
  • Don't require a bunch of food for the Food Preservation actions that have a nebulous outcome for the player.
  • Fixed a case where Blaze of Glory could be triggered without having the actual item needed to perform it, which led to cases of soft locks.
  • Fixed icons of established outposts from the Base game being present on the map in Breakdown
  • Fixed spurious stockpile exceeded messages after you are within limits
  • Disable pausing on the score screen, this fixes not-pausing of scenes
  • Hide the non-functional 'show gamercard' button on PC leaderboards


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