Short and Sweet, TLDR version:

  • Edge weapon tuning
  • Physics improvements (gravity and vehicles like each other more)
  • ATI card optimizations
  • Tons of Keyboard/Mouse improvements

Nitty Gritty Details:

  • Fixed a bug that could incorrectly set your fame to an inflated amount
  • Localization drop implemented (has to do with something that only affected our translated versions)
  • Added Home Menu details hitbox for mouse
  • Attempts at center camera on character's facing direction in certain spawn situations
  • Slight improvements to poke through windows
  • Fixed issue where Feral would not die if set on fire while laying down after a big hit reaction
  • Updated low slice to hit weapon durability 2x instead of 1x
  • Updated to allow the Double Kill move to be performed on screamers, as they do have the appropriate animations
  • Decreased stockpile cost to 2 when creating homemade painkillers
  • Updated two radio scenes to ensure the survivor being cast is not away or on a mission
  • Addressed some inconsistencies with the Alamo base's barb wire
  • Propane tank explosion damage now has the appropriate area effect
  • Fixed a memory leak on shutdown
  • Improved gravity on PC to better match what it was on the Xbox 360 (Note: For technical reasons, the PC and Xbox 360 will have some differences in gravity. This is as close as we can make it.)
  • For some reason we didn't like both left and right smart quotes in text. Now we do.
  • Performance optimizations
  • Massive UI update. Keep reading.
  • V2 mouse keyboard

o hover to select on events, click for details o click to choose facility, click to activate details o hover to select on facility actions, click to build o hover to select on assets, click for details o hover to select on conversation, click to choose o fix bugs with focus when screen refreshes o fix the empty slot facilities menu mouse control o pc input prompts in ui (notifications, pause, frontend, journal) o highlight on hover o removed a to select from conversation (click to choose) o switched to ,/. instead of tab/shft-tab for lb/rb o pc ui updates o fixes to hover states o better switching to keyboard and back o fix for exiting leaderboard with keyboard o fix for highlight when switching to home actions menu o fix button prompt when searching o Please thank our overworked and underrepresented Gronk for art support

Please note! Mouse updates didn't make it into this version. Those are still in progress and will hit the next patch.


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