- Increased zombie variety
- Adjusted mouse sensitivity range
- Make car door kills more reliable
- Constraint to supported resolutions in windowed mode
- Reduced shadow artifacts
- Switched to 'tab' and 'z' for left bumper and right bumper in the UI
- Substituted all hints and help text for PC keys
- Switched center prompts to PC keys


- Fixed white zombie
- Fixed jumpy mouse
- Fixed button prompt when searching
- Fixed 'clicking on esc deletes my save'
- Fixed wrong button for dropping rucksack
- Fixed issues highlighting melee weapon display
- Fixed some mouse hover states

While we WILL continue to patch and improve the game after we officially go into "full release" next Tuesday (and I've got a thread asking for your top three hoped-for changes between now and then), I am especially eager to find and fix any text problems (controls/loc/otherwise) between now and the Tuesday patch. So if you can leave a note with any you find, I'll pass 'em along. That's assuming Zip and Chris don't spot your posts themselves; they have both been lurking.


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