All firearms in State of Decay have one of the following fire modes:

  • semi-automatic (one shot per button press)
  • burst (2-5 shots per button press)
  • full-auto (continues firing as long as the player keeps pressing the fire button)

The current fire mode is depicted under the ammo count icon on the screen.  It will either be 3 bullets in a row (full auto), two bullets (burst), or one single bullet (single fire). Note that weapons with a full auto setting will always default to that setting when equipped, the survivor is changed by the player, or the game is restarted.

Switching fire modesEdit

  • XBOX: While aiming (left trigger), press A.
  • PC: While aiming (RMB), press Space. 

Firearms with Variable Fire ModesEdit

Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles and Shotguns only fires in semi-auto. Most automatic firearms (SMG, Assault Rifle) have an option to switch to semi-auto or (in a few firearms) burst fires. Machine guns are full-auto only.

The following are full-auto only

The following weapons have all 3 fire modes:

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