The Veterinary Clinic, with a shed next to it.

The Veterinary Clinic (also known as Spencer's Mill Veterinary Clinic) is located on the outskirts of Spencer's Mill, not far from the Church of the Ascension. It is involved in one of the early "tutorial" missions, The Vet Clinic.

Missions involving the locationEdit

Opportunities and RisksEdit

With the clinic being on the outskirts of Spencer's Mill, and the bridge leading to it from the town being blocked by a car crash, it is relatively safe from hordes, but occasionally a zombie horde will traverse the road nearby the clinic (US Route 406 East) into the town of Spencer's Mill.

Most of the time, the player will only find a single bag of Medicine here, and a few bottles of Painkillers.

There's a storage shed behind the clinic, which usally contains Food or Medicine.


  • In the dialogue during the mission Lay of the Land, Lily refer to the place as Dr. Gilroy's clinic (Dr. Gilroy doesn't appear nor is mentioned anywhere else in the game).

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