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Character Info
ViennaCho Vienna Cho

She can be self-important and insufferable ... but her cause is just. We're glad we have her here to speak for the helpless survivors still left in the city.

Traits Quick Study, Hates the Military, High Self-esteem
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Research
Inventory Paper Cutter Arm, P 226 SG
Relations Unknown

Vienna Cho is a non-playable character in the DLC Lifeline, she was a local radio host of Danforth, which is her hometown, before the outbreak. She can be recruited after a certain number of extracted civilians, however, Vienna will never gain trust with the community, and therefore is unplayable.

Missions involving Vienna ChoEdit


  • As implied in dialogue in the nuke disarming mission, Vienna is an electrical engineering school dropout.
  • Vienna will comment about Greyhound's efforts to rescue civilians.
  • According to the characters.xml, she will never be away from the base unless on a mission.
  • Despite being portrayed as a self-important individual with high self-esteem, Vienna seems to care a lot about survivors which are in trouble.
  • There are billboards in-game which advertise her radio station which she worked in.