Character Info
Vince-Meeks-Portrait Vince Meeks

Could snap at any time.

Traits Psychopath, Plumber, Liked to Cook, Fast Hands
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Construction, Cooking
Inventory Small Backpack, Table Leg

(Breakdown) Tomahawk

Relations Unknown
Vince Meeks is a playable character in State of Decay and the DLC Breakdown. While his name is randomized in each playthrough, Vince Meeks is the name used in the game's file. 

He is a random recruitable survivor and does not appear in any storyline mission.

Since he has the Plumber and Liked to Cook traits, which give him Construction and Cooking skills, and the Fast Hands trait, which increases his Fighting skill faster, he is useful both outdoors and at home. However, his Psychopath trait can lead to discord within the community.


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