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The game starts with the player controlling Marcus Campbell, who has been cut off from the world on a fishing trip at Mt. Tanner, for two weeks. The outbreak hadn't started when Marcus left and on the way back to town Marcus will find that everything has gone to hell. The world has been taken over by zombies....[1]


In State of Decay, there are a wide variety of missions survivors can participate in.  Some of these missions progress the story, while others are generic side events that are randomly generated by the simulation either independently or because of the player's actions.  Lily serves as the hub for many of these missions, and will contact the player by radio when they become available.

Storyline Events are static and do not appear to vary significantly on subsequent playthroughs.  While there are several different story branches (e.g., Army, Wilkerson, The Grange, etc.), an individual story branch will not continue until the player has completed the previous mission in that branch.  Additionally, there may be trigger links between different story branches, and the player may need to progress a number of different storylines before certain new missions appear.

Some Story Event missions can be failed, often by the death of a NPC involved.

Side Event Missions, however, must be started within a certain period of time, or they will resolve themselves on their own (possibly with survivors dying, loss of morale, etc.) and that instanced event will no longer be available to the player.

Story EventsEdit

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Introduction Storyline Edit

Army Storyline Edit

Courthouse Storyline Edit

Wilkerson Storyline Edit

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The Grange Storyline Edit

Ray Santos Storyline Edit

Misc Storylines Edit

Side EventsEdit

Random EventsEdit

Do note that some random events, such as "search and rescue" or "clear infestation" missions, will mean that one or more of the player's surivors will be unavailable since they are the focus of those open missions.  These survivors are sometimes marked as "missing" and cannot be played until the mission is completed and the survivor returns to the base alive.

Backup RequestsEdit


  • Rumor: Scavengers
  • Rumor: Survivor Activity
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Search and RescueEdit

  • Search and Rescue: Find Missing Survivor
  • Mission: Ally in Trouble

Survival TacticsEdit

  • Survival Tactics: Culling The Hordes

Special MissionsEdit

State of Decay: BreakdownEdit

These missions are specific to the State of Decay: Breakdown DLC.

State of Decay: LifelineEdit

These missions are specific to the State of Decay: Lifeline DLC.


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