Character Info
Walter Degrasse portrait Walter Degrasse (The Scientist)

He was sent in to research this disease and find a few answers. Now all he wants to do is find a way out. His hazmat suit is the ultimate defense against freak attacks.

Traits Problem Solver, Soldier, Demolitionist, Hazmat Suit, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting,
Inventory Crowbar, Super Z, Thermite (x6)

Walter Degrasse is one of the unlockable hero characters in the DLC Breakdown, known as "The Scientist". His character model is based on the debug character "Hazmat" in State of Decay Storyline.

Unlocking the characterEdit

To unlock Walter, reach level 6 of Breakdown.


  • Walter's Hazmat Suit grants immunity against Screamers and Bloaters.
  • Rucksacks and backpacks of any kind are invisible while he is wearing them.


  • The first name Walter is likely a reference to the character Walter White in the TV show "Breaking Bad". The surname Degrasse might be a reference to Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of America's best-known scientists.
  • The character also bears some similarity to Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist of Half-Life series. Both wear a protective orange-black suit and carry a crowbar as melee weapon.
  • The character bears a strong resemblance, in both appearance and role, to Hypatia Noether, also designated "The Scientist", in the video game Fort Zombie.
  • When Walter Degrasse is following you on a mission, he will be vulnerable to screamers although he has a hazmat suit


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