Wilkerson Farm

The Wilkerson Farm

The Wilkerson Farm is located in the eastern sector of Trumbull Valley at an old farmhouse known as "The Old Barrett Place". It is inhabited by Job Wilkerson , Mickey Wilkerson and Eli Wilkerson and two other randomly generated survivors. The Farm includes an old run-down farmhouse and a nearby barn with a silo, that can be used as a survey point. The road to the farm is often infested with hordes. The supply locker contains various amounts of ammunition and firearms.

Contrary to ingame dialogue, Doc Hanson is also a member of the enclave and can be seen walking around the inside of the house. Within Story Dialogue, however, he states that he sports no membership with the Wilkersons, nor with any other enclave for that matter.


  • The Wilkerson missions are essential for the completion of the Storyline Missions.
  • The mission "The Old Farmhouse" takes place here, with the player's (generally) first Juggernaut encounter.
  • The Wilkersons offer the player some of the most powerful weapons in the game after you have completed their storyline missions.
  • During the Breakdown DLC, a random Enclave may take residence here.


  • Mickey Wilkerson
  • Job Wilkerson
  • Eli Wilkerson

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