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"BASIC SKILL. When shit hits the fan, you need to think fast. The quicker you can assess a situation, the better chance you have."

Wits is a basic skill that improves a survivor's search ability. A higher level in Wits allows for quieter and faster scavenging. Level 7 unlocks a Special Technique.


"Sharpen your Wits by searching and scavenging." Wit is improved by Searching Containers.

The following traits reduce Wits XP gain rate by half

  • Dim Bulb
  • Drunk
  • Absent-Minded

The Library, when occupied by a survivor with Research skill, doubles XP gain rate


  • Wit can also be improved by completing certain missions. The most evident one is Home Away From Home, where the character's Wits increases each time the player approaches a Potential Home Site (a note can be seen at the top right corner of the screen: Rapid Completion (Wits XP Boost))

Wits level DetailsEdit


  • The "points" column displays data taken from game file. Needs more testing.
  • For each gained level of Wits, the player gains 1 Fame.
Level Points Description Benefits
1 -
  • Search time 10 seconds
2 100 I'm getting better at casing stuff quickly.
  • Search time 9 seconds
3 200 Please, nobody ever keeps anything useful in the closet. It's all about the sock drawer.
  • Search time 8 seconds
4 200 I've learned some tricks for making less noise when I search stuff.
  • Search time 7 seconds
  • Ability: Quiet Search (Aggro Radius and Echo Radius reduced by 50% - unconfirmed)
5 300 Kitchen, bathroom, garage. The Holy Trinity of efficient scavenging.
  • Search time 6 seconds
6 300 Just turn me loose in a room and I'll strip it to the copper in the walls.
  • Search time 5 seconds
7 400 Caution is key--now I'm less likely to break stuff when I search. (Core Specialization: Ninja)
  • Search time 4 seconds
  • Special Technique Unlocked
  • Ability: Gentle Hands (Crash Probability reduced by 60% - unconfirmed)

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