Character Info
Zeika Rivera Portrait Zeika Rivera (The Rebel)

She's been hiding from the authorities for years. Hiding from zombies shouldn't be a problem. Knows her way around an AK-47.

Traits No Nonsense, Military Contractor, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Assault Weapon Specialization
Inventory AK47 Custom, Royal Igorot Axe

Zeika Rivera is one of the unlockable hero characters in the DLC Breakdown, known as "The Rebel"

Unlocking the characterEdit

To unlock Zeika, kill 50 zombies with assault rifles at Level 4 Breakdown or higher.


  • "Military Contractor" trait gives the character max level in Fighting and Shooting.
  • Zeika Rivera is named after one of the earliest backers of State of Decay.
  • In Lifeline, Zeika has a cameo as a mercenary when the player uses the PMC Reinforcement radio option.


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